TonkaFishing, LLC is a year round full service fishing industry service provider.  Your Lake Minnetonka Fishing Resource.  TonkaFishing seeks to grow the passion for angling among all demographics with services including:  Media Creation,  Volunteerism,  Event Hosting and Management,  Individual and Corporate Guided Fishing Trips,  and through sharing fishing tips and tricks amongst our regionally based social community of over 10,000 followers.  Our Pro Staff take pride in sharing their time, and knowledge with others.  If you have a fishing related need, please contact us today.  Chances are, we can help you.

Year Round Guided Fishing Trips

Lake Minnetonka is the Metro Area's largest body of water.  Located just west of Minneapolis / Saint Paul, the lake is made up of over 14,528 acres and is known as the tenth largest lake in Minnesota!  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has the lake classified into 37 different "bays."  Known primarily for it's recreational use by boaters,  Lake Minnetonka is actually an angling paradise.  Home to trophy Muskie, Bass and Walleye as well as Crappie and Sunfish, anglers look forward to the year round opportunity to catch fish with the skyline of Minneapolis within view.


Corporate Guide Trips


TonkaFishing is happy to help you plan and execute your next group outing. Trips can be arranged on pontoons, or with boat captains.   In addition,  we can help arrange a friendly competition amongst your group complete with prizes and standings for "bragging rights."  Contact us to learn more about planning your next team event!

Individual Guide Trips


TonkaFishing is happy to provide individuals and groups up to four the opportunity to get out and fish on Lake Minnetonka with a Fishing Guide who is familiar with the lake.  No matter if you are visiting the area, or just want to learn a few new spots - we can get you out on the water.  Use our gear, or bring your own!


Corporate Ice Fishing Trips


TonkaFishing is known for finding fish when the ice freezes over Minnesota Lakes.  If you are looking for the ultimate Minnesota winter experience, look no further than 30 minutes West of Minneapolis to beautiful Lake Minnetonka.  TonkaFishing would be happy to provide you a comfortable experience fishing inside a heated ice house with your group!  Contact us today to learn more!

Individual Ice Fishing Trips


Maybe you want to try ice fishing for the first time, or maybe you are an experienced angler - no matter what level you are at we would be happy to bring you out on a guided Ice Fishing Trip on Lake Minnetonka.  We can provide all of the gear, or you can bring your own.  Our guides use top of the line equipment to increase the chance of your success at targeting the species you intend on catching!

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Show your love for Fishing on Lake Minnetonka and purchase your very own TonkaFishing appeal today!  We have hats, shirts, and stickers.  All of our products are high quality and built to last.   Orders purchased online will ship within 48 hours via United States Postal Service.  Thank you for supporting TonkaFishing and our community of anglers!

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Fishing Event Held September 23rd, and September 24th 2017

MN OAF & TonkaFishing Take a Kid Fishing Event

For the second year in a row, MNOAF and TonkaFishing partnered with Howard's Point Marina to take several kids fishing.

TonkaFishing hosts Fishing With Vets Tournament

TonkaFishing was proud to host multiple boats of veterans and fishing guides in a day on the water.

Bass N for Burns Tips Outdoors TonkaFishing.png

Tips Outdoors

Bass'N For Burns

TonkaFishing, LLC provided media coverage for Mark Tipler's Bass'N For Burns Event on Lake Minnetonka.

Minnesota Bound TonkaFishing.png

TonkaFishing provides Guide Boat Service

We were delighted to take a young man and his Big Brother fishing in this wonderful event.

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MInnetonka Fishing Team TonkaFishing

Star Tribune on Youth Fishing

Read about the Minnetonka Fishing Team, which is proudly supported by TonkaFishing, LLC.

NPAA TonkaFishing.png

NPAA News!

Information regarding the TonkaFishing Memorial Event this September on Lake Minnetonka!


Lake Minnetonka Information & Links

At over 14,000 acres in size, Lake Minnetonka is the largest lake in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. It is a system of basins with a range of fertility, bottom types, and depths, and is the source of Minnehaha Creek. Minnetonka's size and location make it very popular for year-round recreation, so demands on its aquatic resources are varied and great.

This vast, interconnected system has a large, diverse fish community. A high-quality largemouth bass population draws multiple tournaments every year. Sunfish and crappies provide year-round fishing. A noteworthy muskie fishery has been established from stockings begun in the late 1970s. Northern pike and walleye are predator-fish mainstays. Anglers face challenges related to heavy boat traffic and-- at peak use times-- crowded parking and access spaces.  Several unwanted exotic species are established.  Be sure to take the proper measures so undesired organisms aren't spread to or from Lake Minnetonka; it's the law.

MN DNR Fisheries began monitoring Lake Minnetonka fish populations since 1949. From 1997-2012, we made annual gill net surveys to better examine changes in walleye, northern pike, and yellow perch populations.  (Future sampling is scheduled for every other [even-numbered] year.) Management includes plans for muskie and walleye stockings every other year-- walleye in even-numbered years, muskie in odd-numbered years, with adjustments in cases when the scheduled numbers and ages are not available when scheduled.

Bow Fishing for rough fish is allowed under certain conditions and in certain locations. An agreement among jurisdictions resulted in lake-wide rules coordinated through the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District; a summary is found in their Rules and Regulations.

{Information provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources}

LMCD TonkaFishing

Lake Minnetonka Conservation District

View Rules and Regulations associated with Lake Minnetonka.

MN DNR TonkaFishing.jpg

Lake Minnetonka Bays & Lakes

View the Minnesota DNR's Map breaking down the many lakes and bays of Lake Minnetonka.

MN DNR TonkaFishing.jpg

Online Fishing License Sales

Purchase your fishing license online through the MN DNR.

Westonka Walleye Program TonkaFishing.png

Private Dollar Stocking in Lake Minnetonka

Learn more about the Westonka Walleye Programs efforts by visiting their website.

MN DNR TonkaFishing.jpg

Lake Minnetonka Fisheries Surveys

Learn more about Lake Minnetonka, and see the statistics published by the MN DNR.

Lake Minnetonka Stocking Report

View the number of fish that are stocked into Lake Minnetonka by the MN DNR Report.